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Spectrum Arts Collective is creating INTERMISSION this summer - a new way to experience contemporary art in Louth, with three pop-up art shows in outdoor spaces around the town. INTERMISSION is the first project from creative collective Spectrum Arts, with visual artist Jayne Cooper, sound artist Keith Angel and producer Lucy Lumb, all based in Louth, Lincolnshire.


The purpose built artwork installation will pop-up on Saturdays in locations around the town as part of Louth Festival - Zero Degrees. It takes the form of a three-dimensional wooden structure with painted surfaces, wearable collage and soundscapes. Our starting point was the delightful and long-standing tradition of the mid-way interval in all the films shown at Louth Playhouse Cinema. This represents a pause or break from what’s come before, a magical space of wondering what comes next.


The artists have been busy working with local school children and residents through creative workshops as follows:


Mon 24 and Tue 25 April: At the first schools’ workshops with Kidgate, 60x year 4 pupils listened to new and unusual soundtracks by Keith, and made visual art collages with Jayne in response to what they heard. They were working with a specified colour palette and the same sets of materials, and Jayne talked to them about abstract art, Kandinsky and making marks whilst listening to music. They talked about colours and shapes in relation to feelings and emotions. These collages will now be transformed into an installation to be displayed as part of the launch event at Spout Yard.


Sat 13 May: Members of the public worked with Jayne at Louth Library on World Collage Day, to make more wearable collage pieces in the form of bags, masks, hats and fans


Tue 16 May: The workshops at Laceyfield saw 60x year 5 pupils create new sounds using materials including sticky-tape and cardboard as well as traditional percussion instruments in response to the Kidgate pupils’ collages. 


Mon 22 May: The follow-up workshops at Louth Academy involved 10x students in year 7, who worked collaboratively with Keith to create a soundscape that explored rich sounds with a wide sonic frequency range.


A further free public drop-in workshop will be held during the launch event in Spout Yard on Saturday 25 June between 10.30am and 12.30pm. Participants will be able to make wearable collage and bring it / wear it to the live performances at 11am and 12.30pm.


The artists are creating their own artworks in response to the contributions made by all the participants, and exploring the creative possibilities of the new bespoke wooden pop-up structure. The final shows will present new visual and sound artwork, offering different ways to view and experience sound and visual art, and playing with the interconnections between the pieces. 


Sat 24 June: Workshop and Launch Event

INTERMISSION launch event at Spout Yard! Kicking off at 10.30am with another free creative collage activity - a chance to create something to bring/wear to the launch event. The first show begins at 11.00am (30 mins) and is then on again at 12.30pm (30 mins). Join the artists to view the artwork structure and see INTERMISSION come to life with sound and performance. Pick up a silent disco headset and a painting accessory and get immersed in the experience!

WORKSHOP: 10.30am – 12.30pm

LIVE SHOW #1: 11.00am

LIVE SHOW #2: 12.30pm


Sat 1 July: Live Event

INTERMISSION continues at Louth Library, with another chance to experience the live events. The structure will appear outside the library, in a new formation. Come along to see what’s different this time!

LIVE SHOW #3: 11.00am

LIVE SHOW #4: 12.30pm


Sat 8 July: Finale Event

INTERMISSION concludes in Louth Cornmarket, with a final chance to experience the live show. This event a pause in our current journey, making new artwork with and for the people of Louth!

LIVE SHOW #5: 11.00am

LIVE SHOW #6: 12.30pm


The project has been supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and with grants from Zero Degrees Festival, East Lindsey District Council and Louth Town Council.

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